What's SnagBuild?

At SnagBuild we believe in making data collection as easy as possible. That's why we've made you a simple, quick, easy-to-use snagging system.

Easy input, easy work!

Keep track of all your snags by plot, site and trade. Whether you need to add, edit, print or delete, SnagBuild gives you the tools to securely record all the details. No more post-its or crossed wires, you've got a database now!


Add an Image

Take a photo to add an image to your snags. Edit snag, change image, its simple!

Online, Anytime!

SnagBuild works with all speeds of WiFi and mobile data. Simply bookmark the link or create a shortcut on any device. Train ride? No problem. Site hut? Easy. Forgot the laptop? We're on your phone! Snag on the go, it's that simple.


Share by email with a simple copy and paste. Or select print and off you go.

The Plan!

Small payout, big payoff - 1 Month's FREE TRIAL on us! Really? Yes! There's literally nothing to lose, take SnagBuild for a spin!

Efficient data entry. Snag on the go- Email support 7 days a week

Requires a Mobile or a WiFi Connection

Contact Us

We're here 7 days a week, so feel free to fire any questions or feedback our way!

Email direct to: